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I wear glasses, but can play squash, tennis etc without them. I have a pair oof prescription sunglasses, but they are not appropriate/suitable for wearing while cycling.
However, when I have tried non prescription sunglasses, around the £25 mark, I find the vision is a lot worse than when I don't wear glasses at all. I assume this is because the light entering the eye is reduced.
Any sugestion of which make sunglasses to buy?


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Have a read of this thread
You could get some of Kontrolsports regular sunglasses - and if your vision not good enough with those get a prescription insert from them to fit.
Errr...thought the idea of sunglasses was to reduce the amount of light entering the eye :thumbsup:

I wear glasses or contacts. Contacts on the bike with safety glasses from a local branch of ARCO. (something like these) I find them good enough and as I tend to lose them and they are cheap.
IMHO either something similar or cycling specific is the way to go. Both have a wraparound style which stop debris entering and any eye watering due to speed (not a problem I encounter often) or cold weather.
Some cycling specific come with different colour lenses for different conditions. Lidl/Aldi ones seem liked on this board but you need to keep an eye on their offers to see when they have them in.
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