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Looking to upgrade the tired aksiums rim wheels on my road bike. LBS has quoted £399 for very light set of wheels, not sure on specs but his wheel builds are usually top notch. However seen some wheels on the superstar website for similar price but on Open Pro rims and I assume novatec hubs ? Any views ?


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I've got about 4 sets of Superstar Components wheels and rode LEL on a 20/24 spoke set: despite hitting a massive pothole and the mechanic in Edinburgh going "ooh, that wheel will be pringled" it was fine. Between my son and I we must have done over 20,000 miles on them in all weathers.

They're surprisingly solid and the hubs are Superstars' own. Most of the rims are their own manufacture as well.

The only maintenance I've done has been the bearings on a couple of the wheels.

I've only ever bought them in their sale though, or when they have discounts so for £80-120 new. It's worth being on their newsletter for that :okay:


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I’ve had a set of the Pave 28 wheels, they were very light for the money, under 1550g for the pair at about £150.

I clocked up 10,000 miles on them, had to swap cartridge bearings once on each wheel in that time but apart from that they were excellent. I only stopped using them when I wrote the bike off in a crash.

I was a bit nervous going with Superstar based on reviews but my experience with them was very good all the way through, quick purchase, good after sales service and in my experience a good quality product.
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