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Afternoon Everyone

Just thought I'd let anyone who's based in Surrey know about the Surrey Cycle Challenge.

It's an on-line workplace based challenge whereby organsiations compete against each other to win prizes, although you can also register and win if you live in Surrey. It's free, you can win stuff for entering, as well as winning the challenge itself, all you have to do is log your journeys.

Prizes include highstreet and cycle vouchers, a £500 bike, cinema tickets and a visit from an all expenses paid ice cream van!

Hope this doesn't count as advertising, I am connected to the Challenge so Mods, sorry if I'm breaching any rules!
You have stated that you are connected with the organisation and it is to encourage cycling, I imagine the mods will not have an issue with this.


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Just typical! A cycling challenge that just happens to coincide with my wife's business trip - my chances of cycling are severely limited and I will probably commute by car most days (have to do the school run too).

Not only that: I'm the only person that does any significant cycling in the office, so there's a good chance of zero miles getting logged by the entire company :angry:

But I will keep my eye on it :biggrin:


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Peyote, if you're connected could you fix this! The smallest organisation is 3 people....yet I know plenty of businesses which are just one person or two. Be that a sole trader, partnership or limited company...

For instance, I am a sole trader and did register with the Woking one. I've used my bike for business trips...yet as an organisation I don't think I'm displayed, other than on the all one (I have a trading name).



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Hi Thomas

I think the problem is that organisations win their category by encouraging as many of their employees to take part as possible, so the winning companies will have a higher percentage of staff taking part than the others. When you get down to companies with one, two or three employees it starts to get a bit difficult to be fair to all participating organisations.

Also, the prize for the winning company in each category is a visit from an all expenses paid ice cream van. For the really small companies it probably makes more sense to just pop down the local newsagent and raid the freezer there, than send a van round! For what it's worth you're eligible to win all the other prizes (vouchers, cinema tickets and £500 bike).

Having said all that, I'll see what I can find out about putting the sole traders and partnerships onto the website.
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