Survey on cycling and route planning


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Hello everybody!! We are conducting a survey on cycling and route planning ️. The aim of the survey is to improve route planning online. It takes only 3 minutes and your collaboration would be of great help. Thanks in advance!

PS:There is a surprise giveaway waiting for you at the end!


Options for "How Often" - Not daily and not weekly - somewhere in between as recovery is just as important as riding.
Poor survey. It assumes a lot of the answers by the choice you're given. If you're developing a mapping app, one you can manually put the route in by touching the screen or dragging would be very useful. Virtually none, Komoot maybe, allow that, so you either have to plot on a computer or allow the app to choose a route which is often less than ideal. The market is flooded with less than ideal apps. Offline maps and directions are another preference. If you're not developing any of those things, forget it, there's already better apps out there and that's before we get to the less than ideal nature of using a phone.
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