Suspension Forks: Is Air or Coil spring better?


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I am looking to replace my ROCKSHOX DART 3 that i have had for 13 months and already oil has leaked, the REBOUND damping doesnt work and it doesnt lock out anymore - i feel let down and wonder if this is what i should expect from ROCKSHOX?

I have looked on CHAINREACTION CYCLES and i am tempted by three forks. These are :
(1) MANITOU R7 ELITE TPC - GBP250.00. AIR sprung, 1516 grams
(2) MANITOU DRAKE COMP - STG175.00. COIL sprung, 1904 grams
(3) ROCKSHOX RECON SL LOCKOUT - STG185.00. COIL sprung, 2069 grams

I am probably asking a lot but i would like a light weight fork which will last, without too much servicing [as this is expensive].

Is AIR or COIL sprung forks more reliable?

Does anyone have any experience with the above?

Is their any recommendations anyone would like to make in the STG250.00 or under, price range?




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Coil are more reliable.

Air forks used to be the ones to have but coil is now making a strong comeback.

A number of forks use a combination of both air and coils.

Wait for someone who really knows their shocks to answer this one.
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