Suspension forks

Looking for new suspension forks:

- 26 inch wheel
- 100mm travel
- 100x9mm QR
- 1 1/8 straight

Looking at something like Rockshox Reba RL or similar. Can anybody help? Everywhere is sold out of everything!!

Pizza Man

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I know the feeling. I'm in exactly the same position as am servicing a mates mtb while I'm furloughed. Keep looking on eBay but they're going for silly money, even the ones that have noticeable damage/wear to the stanchions!


Managed to find a pair of Recon TK gold, Air Solo. Actually spoke to the shop, so I know they exist.Delivery expected tomorrow. Little shop somewhere in the middle of Wales.


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South Wales
Does she like them? I know they're not top of the range, but not at the bottom either and seem to get good reviews.
I'm ashamed to say I don't know. All there is of the bike so far - is a frame, forks, stem, saddle, seat-post and clamp.

I was going to finish it during lock-down, but it turned out I've had to work all the way through, to cover everyone else who have been on furlong :sad:
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