Swap down-tube shifters for combined brake ones?


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I like friction/down tube shifters as you can trim them while riding.


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RecordAceFromNew said:
Actually I think most Campag components that are 20+ years old are now appreciating in price over time, many doubled over the past 3 years, IME.
i was surprised too!
i like the fact that i don't have to take my hands off the bars especially on a fast downhill, where i'd like to change gear


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palinurus said:
Alternatively, and more cheaply, you can learn to live with downtube shifters. I ran an 8 speed setup on my last commuter bike using a downtube shifter. I liked it. The only problem I had with it is I got so used to it I was always hunting around for the gear lever on the downtube of my other bikes.
i think you can get replacement indexed downtube shifters too.


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I costed an upgrade to an old 531 steel framed bike.

I wanted Shimano Tiagra 9 speed and a triple chainset.

Bought a brand new Dawes Giro 500 instead.


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I'd say get the Holdsworth and see how it goes with the downtube shifters. That would be a seriously good £100 worth and a properly nice ride. And you'll be surprised how quickly the shifters become absolutely second nature. Basically, going STI is going to involve a lot of cost and hassle. Is it really worth it? I'd say no.


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lemmy said:
Thanks all, this is exactly the kind of info. I was looking for.
I know what you're saying about the Trek bike. It looks good. (Too big for me but I'm sure there are more similar ones out there.) I've just got an idea that I would like a bike with a bit more character, and it would be nice to customise something. I prefer the look of thin tube steel bikes too. I'm looking at a Holdsworth 531 12 speed for £100 - maybe I'm crazy and that's not such good value? By the time I got a new cassette, back wheel, chain, STI levers etc., I wonder how much I would have spent? (any ideas?) And a cold set would probably be required too...
what model holdsworth out of interest?
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