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Swap/exchange Dawes Galaxy..erm for a a smaller Dawes galaxy

Discussion in 'Exchange / Free' started by Bigtallfatbloke, 29 Jun 2008.

  1. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    Looking to swap/exchange a racing green Dawes Galaxy 2007 64cm frame for same (or sim) bike in a 61cm frame size..(edit) ..actually a 59cm as I think thats the size down they make from 64



    Please note:
    The brookes saddle, blackburn front low rider racks and the spd pedals will not be included ( I need to keep those), but I will re fit the orgional selle italia gel saddle and clip alu pedals that Dawes supplied with the new bike when I bought it.
  2. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    Why don't you try a shorter stem BTFB? It worked for me!