SWAP: Tacx Imagic 2010 (Multi Player) for Road Bike


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I have one of these:


Its the 2010 model as it had TTS 2.0 and the white handlebar control.

Its the same as in that ad that retails for £449 (and was purchased from Fudges too), I have only done around 500 miles on it and I have about 6 RLV (Though they are on DVD-r's i'm sorry to say)

TTS2.0 comes with the velodrome and extrem MTB (and the other road courses in older tacs stuff too)

Its an amazing bit of kit but as I am upping my work out to 25-30 miles per day I really need my rest at the weekends LOL

So im looking for either a 58 or 60 cm half decent road bike.

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