Swarms of small flies!


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Went out last night between 7 and 8.30 and rode through masses of small flies, I was glad of my riding glasses keeping them out of my eyes. Several times the swarms were so thick that they were splattering on my jacket like rain on a tent.

Anybody else bothered by these or is it just the Ribble Valley?


How much does it cost to Oldham?
We were spattered with them on the last cheshire fixie run. They certainy cured my appetite!


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HelenD123 and I ran into a few swarms last summer, cycling over to the coast. Not this year yet, although it's muggy today, just the sort of conditions to get harrassed by such flies.

Also, the ant season has started, several boxes had ants in today, so I'm itching all over. All psychological, there aren't any actually on me...


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May Fly :


May Bug:


I know which id rather swallow!


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We've not had any mass hatchings yet, it's still not warm enough round here: just 7 or 8 degrees daytime

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...And just do not breath in whilst you are passing through a large cloud of them at speed!!

No, believe me, I have been pretty much well and truly nibbled on whilst walking/trying to run away before!
That said, it was in the Assynt Area, so I suppose I was probably the best prospect they were going to get all day, so I can't really blame them for being overly persistent!!
I was that day's entertainment.

I'm feeling all itchy just thinking about it now, DAMN YOU!!
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