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  1. compo

    compo Veteran

    I can't quite get my head round this.

    Yesterday I rode 40 odd miles. It wasn't all that hot although the humidity was up a bit. Normally when I get home my wife has to peel off my sweat soaked kit from my body. Yesterday I was bone dry. No sign of sweat at all, and even whilst drinking a hot cup of tea my body remained dry. My urine was very dark. I didn't think of it at the time but I went for a pee when I got up about 7am, and didn't go again until about 3pm. During the ride I drank two 700ml bottles of water with a bit of fruit juice for flavouring. I remained in this state until I had dinner about 6:30pm, then I began to sweat, and within minutes I was soaked.

    Clearly I was dehydrated. My urine is still dark this morning but becoming more pale. If this is what normally happened I wouldn't be concerned. It is the fact that it is a completely abnormal reaction for me. I am sitting here now sweating and not even doing anything. That is normal for me because of medication I am on. I guess I am going to have to keep track of things for a while.
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    In those conditions, your body needs to work really hard to cool you down by sweating. This is just a guess, but maybe you sweated yourself dry, and that's why you weren't sweaty when you got home? All the sweat would have evaporated by then.

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  3. dave r

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    I would guess that what you drank during the ride wasn't enough to stay hydrated and when you got home you didn't drink enough to rehydrate yourself until you had your dinner. In the summer, and sometimes in the winter, I will drink weak orange squash, about a pint, when I get in after a long Sunday ride, if its very hot I will drink more and I drink plenty of water whilst I'm riding.
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  4. OP

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    That was my take on it. I was drinking a fair bit when I got home, but it must have taken a while for my body to absorb the liquid. Probably a good job I got home when I did before I began to suffer.
    (from an ex Coventry man, city of my manufacture and birth!).
  5. lulubel

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    Malaga, Spain
    It sounds like you were dehydrated before you even got on the bike. I can do 40 miles in the high temperatures and humidity we get here on less fluid (my bike will only take one 750ml and one 500ml bottle) without any problems with dehydration, as long as I wasn't dehydrated before I left.

    I must be like you in the sweating department. I can literally wring out my kit when I get home at this time of year. If I got home and found I wasn't soaked, I'd be quite worried.
  6. fossyant

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    South Manchester
    +1 with dehydrated before the ride - or you aren't well !
  7. david k

    david k Hi

    North West
    you didnt drink enough mate, as simple as that, dark urine is a sure sign
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