Switched to clipless and posted personal best


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Ive been trying to live with clips for a couple of months now and theyve been driving me nuts getting my feet in when pulling off, and was a little concerned about clipless pedals.

so today after a visit to the LBS they recommended some clipless pedals and fitted the metal clippy bits to the shoes.

well I dont know what i was worried about, felt alot safer on the bike than with clips, I engage/disconnect easily and to put the icing on the cake posted my fastest ave/time of 13mph ave over 16 miles.

still off my target if 15mph ave over 50miles but a significant milestone.

Steve H

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Nice one Phil - I've been clipless for a couple of months now and I'm definitely adjusted to them. Only scary bit now is doing the thin tow paths when they go under bridges and close to the water!
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