Switching hubs

Okay, as a follow on from a recent post I'm wondering if, hypothetically I hope, my rear wheel is too buckled/kinked etc ever to be the same again could I still use the hub (Ritchey WCS Protocol with a sealed cartridge (?)) on another project?

I'm particularly into recycling something where it can be and if it's quality enough could I not buy a rim and spokes and get someone to build me a new rear wheel? What are the downsides if any? Surely the sealed cartridge means a new set cartridge would mean it was like new again?

Whaddya' all reckon?


why on earth not?

I trashed both my rims last year and had both wheels rebuilt using the hubs again

isn;t that waht a wheel rebuild is?


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As Tynan says, the hub can be rebuilt as many times as you like until it's worn out. Eventually of course the bearings will wear out, and I'va also had heavily used hubs where the spoke holes start to enlarge. At this point you may decide that a complete new wheel is a better bet.
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