T-Mobile -- Enough already!


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:biggrin::blush: T-Mobile are about to 'phone home' and tell their cycling team it's all over bar the call charges!

Is anyone surprised? Does anyone care anymore?

Your views please. If you do not choose to respond that will speak volumes about the state our sport today. :biggrin::biggrin:

Tim Bennet.

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Not good news at all.

But I can see why they might be pissed off and it's the same reason that it should piss us all off as well. The T-Mobile management always assured everyone, that they had rigourous anti doping procedures in place and any revelations about their riders just shows that every barrel has its rotten apples.

But the number of 'rotten apples' is just too many to be 'exceptions'. Especially when people like Patrik Sinkewitz admit to an on going doping habit. So if one of the 'better teams' can have these problems, what on earth is going on elsewhere? Or were T-Mobile all talk?


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T-Mobile and no drugs...hah...hah..... so pulled the wool over the team sponsors eyes - shame they have pulled out - such a major sponsor, but who would blame them....
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