T mobile have pulled out

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who is to blame and ask who is to be sued? If I was a possibly unemployed rider I would ask the big shots of Telekom and T mobile over the past decade..Riis,Ullrich, Zabel, Aldag, Goodefroot, Pevenage for some of their millions as compensation considering it is they who spoiled it.


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The doping culture in cycling runs so deep you could read any team for T- Mobile - they were just unlucky? to have more riders caught. Who can blame them for pulling the plug? I'm suprised they showed as much patience as they did.

Tim Bennet.

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They were one of the sponsors who really 'promoted' cycling rather than just sponsored a team. Their adverts around London before the TdF start made an effort to connect oridinary people with the sport, and for this alone they will be sorely missed.


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The T Mobile team seems to have been rebranded Team High Road. There's nothing like keeping cycling and drugs separate is there?


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Pevenage was the Svengali of T-Mobile. Ullrich was definately under his spell.
Walter Godefroot couldn't make a move without Pevenage's approval. Although no saint himself, Godefroot's position became untenable and he gave up. IMO Pevenage was the man running Telekom in the Riis era, and it was he who started the team on alternative 'preparation'.

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I suppose Sinkewitz will cop some flak for being the straw that broke the camels back but the problems go way back.

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I think it was the Riis exposure that really did it. As well as Zabel, what with him being (along with Ullrich) the best German cyclist of current times.

I think more Brands might find it hard to get into Cycling for fear of the negative impact it may have on their brands. Saying that, i don't think anyone would stop using T-Mobile for their association to possible links with drugs in cycling.
I think they will be missed more than Disco or Phonak et al that may have withdrawn, as the PINK colour is very distinctive and well known Brand. Sad day

and there is nothing wrong with PINK :biggrin:

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It is always bad news for cycling when a big sponsor stops supporting a team, but what is happening in Germany at the moment with the press and TV people seems to be OTT. Let's hope Stapleton can get some financial support from elsewhere as the team he's now assembled seem to be good and he is leading the anti doping charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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I think at the moment its good news for cycling when teams walk away. Just as a junkie has got to hit rock bottom before he turns his life around , professional cycling needs to hit rock bottom for real change to be effected.
Its just a shame that its one of the more positive teams thats trying to make a difference thats going to the wall first.


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I guess it is good news, in a way, for cycling. I can't say that I am pleased by it though. I will miss T-Mob and the pink magenta in the peleton.
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