Tablet for spin bike


I have a low end spin bike which I sometimes use a warm up or the odd YouTube spin class.

Wondering if anyone has suggestions for a reasonable tablet computer - it just needs WiFi - I don't need it run zwift or anything - capable of playing you tube vid - download the odd app .


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Kindle fire?


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Yeah I had thought about that. It's lack of apps & tie in to Amazon , rather than android made me wonder if there are comparable tablets out there.
Plenty of android tablets, perhaps have a search as this has come up before. Personally, Ive only used iPads for years trouble free 👍

this gives reviews and list, Samsung or Kindle Fire come up most.

what’s your budget? Have a look on AV Forums for used tech 👍


The Lenovo tablets are ok.~£100 for a 10 inch. We've also got an Amazon fire, but it's been enabled to run Android apps / use Google p!ay etc.


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Accra, Ghana
You can actually install google playstore on a. Kindle Fire, it’s quite straightforward. If you want android out of the box Samsung have the Tab which is cheap as chips.
Answering a question that you didn't ask! :-)

What about a used Chrome Book, they are often easy to attach to a TV if you have a spare one or are using the spin bike in front of your main TV, if you have a main TV.

The Chrome Book (or a used laptop) could be more generally useful than a tablet that you only use with your trainer


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I've got a decent Samsung tablet that I'm thinking of selling. Bought it on a whim and haven't really used it. It just sits there doing nothing. Hardly had any use. Interested?
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