Tacky and inappropriate festive decorations....

I'm going to set the bar very high to start with. Every year the local evangelical church does a life size nativity in Hardwick. It is just complete and utter sh1te! I reckon that house prices in the village dip by 50% once this goes up...


The road sign and phone junction box are exact replicas from Bethlehem (I think)
But the Orange stuff isn't authentic.
The "cow" blew over the other day!

Can you beat it, either on a personal domestic level or a public display?
It's so bad, it's good.


Can someone explain.

Add an N, replace K with C.


Norven Mankey
That is quite splendid.

Luckily, Christmas comes but once a year. And so it's time once again for me to offer my favourite, the meat nativity:

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I'm torn on this one. On one hand, once cooked, there is all that meaty loveliness. But it's a nativity scene and it feels wrong to start dismantling it for my own greedy ends. I am also not convinced as to the bacon roof's structural efficacy.
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