Tacx Bushido of Tablet T2790


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Hello you lovely people.

After a hairy couple of rides in ice conditions (old MTB'er, new to road bikes), I've decided at my age I don't bounce as well as I used to. So for these dodgy, cold days and nights I've decided indoor training is for me (who you calling a wimp?).

So, I went and had a tug on the Tour De France exercise bike, now I kid you not, £999 ? It shakes, rattled and rolled more than Del Boys three wheeler. No not for me,I prefer quality if I'm going to part with a bag of sand.

So I have a look at the offerings from Tacx, and although the all singing, all dancing one isn't for me (just a little too rich for my tastes, and I dont need to race against people all over the world), I came home, researched and decided the Bushido for Tablet is for me.

However, no one has stock, and I can't find any details as to why. So my question is, does anyone know why this product seems to be out of stock in the UK? Was there a problem with it and they pulled it?

And does anyone have one? Thoughts?

Thank you :smile:
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