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I started cycling for fun and to get fit a few weeks ago. The furthest I've done since beginning is about 10 miles. I want to do a part of the Taff Trail and finish in Cardiff Bay, but I'm not sure of the best place to set off from. Can anyone tell me what the terrain is like on the terrain and how fast i'm likely to go? i reckon i could cycle for around 3 hrs before i drop. also, is it well signposted - i want to focus on the cycling not map reading if possible.

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The trail is fairly well signposted you can download a set of route instructions herehttp://www.tafftrail.org.uk/

I would say that Merthyr to Cardiff would be a reasonable ride ,you wont do a fast time on the ride as it uses paths and back lanes that dont allow much speed ,I would think about 10mph average would be achievable.

Good Luck ,its an interesting ride,as you pass Castle Coch you can take the high route that goes up behind the castle or stay on the lowroute that avoids the hill.If you have the energy left its worth it to go up to the Castle.

The Lewis Arms in Tongwynlais is a good place for food and drink on the route and leaves you with a gentle downhill ride for the last 8 or 9 miles down to Cardiff Bay.

Theres a Taff Trail forum here http://www.tafftrail.org.uk/ttsoap/viewforum.php?id=2&p=1
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