Taff Wars

Johnny Thin

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My sole exposure to Star Wars is walking out of it after 10 mins as a teenager (along with a few others in the group) 'cos it was so damn boring with nothing but spaceships flying around an' all that. And playing the orchestral music too, which is quite good.

But I did find some of these quite funny.


Have you seen Chad Vader?


"Fifteen pound for a T shirt, for fuck's sake? You can buy a fuckin' suit for that in Tesco's" (as spoken by Peter Cushing - priceless!) :tongue:

I knew it would be good as soon as I read the name of the censor of the Rhondda Board of Film Certification... not subtle, but good :sad: Episode 14 is brilliant; the dialogue matches the visuals perfectly, like.

There was an interesting programme on R3 about film music at 12:00 today, JT (Music Matters- available as a podcast). Did you hear it? John Williams' Star Wars main title theme bears an uncanny resemblance to Korngold's for Kings Row!
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