Taking the car for a ride.


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Queensland police stunned to find man riding bike on roof of car
February 10, 2015:
A Queensland Police dashcam has captured the extraordinary moment a cyclist was found peddling a push bike on the roof of a moving car

A larrikin peddling a push bike on the roof of a moving car in south-east Queensland has risked his life in stunt police have called "one of the most dangerous" they have seen.

The husband-and-wife team were driving an old Kingswood wagon near the town of Boonah when police caught sight of them.

The Police dashcam vision shows a man on the roof of the car when another person emerges from the passenger seat attempting to get onto a second bike on the roof.

But those ideas are dashed when the driver decides to heed police orders and pull over.

The incident stunned senior officers, who described it as one of the most dangerous road stunts they've come across.

"I just shook my head and thought how can collectively three people think so stupid together," Queensland Police Inspector of Road Policing Operations Peter Flanders said.

"They would have landed straight on their head and we would have had another fatality, absolutely have another fatality purely because they thought it was a great idea to ride a push bike on top of a moving car."
The Australian police really are spoilsports - and they just love banning things


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[QUOTE 3528656, member: 9609"]was it this sort of thing, taken from one of those ride with the cops programs - start watching at 09:28

View: http://youtu.be/h8JPc2eI5uw?t=9m28s

it's a grey area - caus you can ride on top of an open top bus..[/QUOTE]
There's the dashcam video in the link provided. Can't find a link anywhere else at present.
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