Talcum powder.

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I read somewhere that it is a good idea to use the above when you change a tyre or repair a puncture but my question is: where do you put it? On the tube or inside the rim.? Also, what difference does it make?

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When you have got most of the second bead on but are struggling with thumbs to get a new tyre you discover is tight on a full 622mm rim, a shake of talcum powder on the bead and into the rim just for that 30 degrees helps lubricate the rim/bead interface.
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The tyres on my bike are so damn tight that they absolutely will not go on without talc and 8 inch long levers. It also helps prevent the inner tube getting pinched during that process as it can slide into the casing better.

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If you apply a puncture patch, always talc the repair zone afterwards to stop the tube sticking to the tyre.

Before using a new tube, talc it generously to overcome any molding/manufacturing residue/tackiness.

Before fitting a new tyre, generously talk the inside and bead to remove any stickiness and allow it to slide into the rim easily.

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I wipe the last eight inches of bead with washing up illiquid .Just a light smear on the bead.


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There used to be that little block of stone and a grater in the puncture repair kit.
Are they still there?
It's a while since I bought a ******** repair kit....
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