Tall stories.

Go on let's have a bit of fun.Tell a story that we may think is true about you.I'll begin.
As a youngster i had a back problem.So to rectify it they put mercury in my spinal column .Only one side effect,in summer i am 6' 4" and in winter 4' 6".
Took me a minute to get that! 🤔

When I was a youngster, I got stuck at sea in a rubber dingy. I needed a smoke to calm me down. But I had no way of making a flame. So i threw a cigarette overboard to make the boat a cigarette lighter.


Flouncing Nobber
When I was a teenager I accidentally chopped my own head off. Surgeons reattached it, but it was back to front in error. To this day I poo through my weapon and get the most almighty erection of the buttocks.
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