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mosschops2 said:
Hey Mr Paul. What does that "cute" on say on the cross bar (ie make?) ??

I can't make it out - even in Photoshop (like that was actually going to increase the resolution!!!!:biggrin:), but wonder if you know what it actually is??
Suspect, from what I can make out, it'll be "De Fiets-something-or-other", fiets being Dutch for bicycle or wheel, I think.

Doubt that helps much...

User, do you mean a CargoBike sort of thing? Have a look at this thread on Velovision to see one with some nifty artwork and a happy passenger...


Oh, and also mention of a possible importer for a load trike...


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Apparently that's not an uncommon thing to do! I may consider that next year. Be a nice trip - leave the kids at the grandparents, and go to holland for a long weekend to look at cool / wacky family bikes!!

And, I'd have thought you get a decent resale value too!!
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