Tandems for disabled and visually impared stokers

Discussion in 'Adaptive and Disabled Cycling' started by Charlotte's Tandems, 28 Jul 2010.

  1. Charlotte's Tandems

    Charlotte's Tandems Senior Member

    I've been very fortunate to have had a number of Tandems donated to me via The Tandem Club so that I can lend them out (for free) to other families or couples that wouldn't usually be able to get out on the road. If you would like to borrow one then please contact me.

    Best wishes,

    Charlotte's Tandems is now on Facebook
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  3. This post deserves a bump, Charlotte's Tandems deserves our support.

    Read this.
  4. This is good. I passed a couple a few months ago and they were riding along the A5 near Kingsbury, London 'burbs. I passed and said hello, but the road is like a racetrack and, rather than try a chat, decided to write to them and mention that I had passed and talked etc...
    I knew the address to write to because it was fixed to the rear of the tandem.


    Bloody brilliant!

    ^ I should add that the above comment applies to Charlotte's Tandems efforts, and that of the people I viewed on the road...:smile:
  5. OP
    Charlotte's Tandems

    Charlotte's Tandems Senior Member

    Charlotte's Tandems website is http://charlottestandems.weebly.com/

    If you know of anyone that would like to borrow a tandem, have a tandem or accesories to lend, know somewehere to advertise our service or have comments on our website, please contact Alex through the webpage contact form or Facebook site.
  6. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    Bury Tandem Club does tandem rides for blind people.
  7. OP
    Charlotte's Tandems

    Charlotte's Tandems Senior Member

    I need people to borrow the tandems. Can anyone out there look up a contact for a club or association for people with disabilities, e.g. sight, mental, physical, and let them know about the service? Charlotte's Tandems is now a charity. Our website is continuously updated as is our Facebook Group.
    Best wishes, Alex
  8. Bigsharn

    Bigsharn Über Member

    Might be worth talking to the National Autistic society. I know that a sympton of autism is being unable to balance, so if you have a tandem trike or two it could be an idea to chat with them?
  9. Ravenbait

    Ravenbait Someone's imaginary friend

    Have you considered getting in touch with British Triathlon Association?

  10. OP
    Charlotte's Tandems

    Charlotte's Tandems Senior Member

    Yes, thanks, they were the first I contacted a year or so ago. My daughter is Autistic.

    We now have about 10 people waiting to borrow either of our two mountain bike style tandems. We hope to buy more like them if we get any more monetary donations.

    We are now spreading to London and Essex and will soon have two tandems there. I need now to get borrowers for them. If you know of any individuals that might like to borrow them or organisations with members who might like to, them please tell me about them or better still contact them and tell them about us. We also hope to spread to other parts of the country when we get more tandems.

    Best wishes,

    Alex Reeves
    Charlotte's Tandems
  11. OP
    Charlotte's Tandems

    Charlotte's Tandems Senior Member

    No I haven't. Thanks for the suggestion.

    p.s. Please also see my reply to the previous person in this thread.
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