Tapered 45 Degree Headset Bearings, help needed........

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by smokeysmoo, 12 Aug 2012.

  1. OK after several strip downs and re-greases I'm going to admit defeat and replace the tapered headset bearings on the CAAD.

    Hopefully this will resolve an annoying tinny rattle that keeps recurring.

    The headset is identical to THIS, but I'm hoping to just get the bearings for it.

    I've stripped the headset and cleaned the bearings up. The to pone has laser etched on the side;

    41.8/30.2/45 SUJ-2

    The lower bearing has nothing on it?

    A quick mooch shows these bearings are 45 degree tapered ones, but I'm struggling a bit with there being no info on the bottom one, or does the 41.8 refer to the bottom and 30.2 refer to the top one?

    Argh! I'm going to call in a bearing place tomorrow, but just thought I'd through it out to CC land to see if anyone else had replaced the same bearings.


  2. Proto

    Proto Guru

    41.8 refers to the outside diameter of the bearing. 30.2 refers to the inside diameter and 45 is the angle of the chamfer/seat on the inner race and outside edge.

    Don't bother going to a bearing shop, they won't know what you are on about, these bearings ar very bike specific.

    Have a look here and all will be revealed!

  3. Thanks for that Proto, but as for all being revealed, I think I'm more confused now :wacko::tongue:

    I'll have a proper look at it again, probably doesn't help that I've no way of accurately measuring the bottom bearing!

    I'll call the LBS tomorrow and see what they say :thumbsup:
  4. accountantpete

    accountantpete Legendary Member

    I can't see how replacing the bearings would cure the problem.

    The tinny rattle would indicate a source not under load - which the bearings are.

    Presumably you keep the top cap firmly screwed in at all times?
  5. byegad

    byegad Legendary Member

    NE England
    They are beggars to find. I was looking for some slightly different ones for my Kettwiesel and found a shop in Belgium for their last pair, then contacted London Recumbents (I wanted several in stock, enough to outlast the trike, or me!;)) They sourced some, I'm not sure now if they were direct from Hase or elsewhere. Meanwhile you can buy the ones I needed direct from China. But the minimum order was 1000! :eek:
  6. Yeah I'm not convinced either TBH. Everything is tight, but the bearings feel slightly crunchy anyway, so worth changing.

    Called in the LBS today, he matched the bottom one that has no ID on it, but can't match the top that does, go figure :wacko:

    Looks like a call to the C'dale dealer is on the cards.
  7. Thanks for that. The C'dale dealer informs me the top bearing is 36-45 and the FSA number is 873, off to Google it is then.
  8. Eddy

    Eddy Guru

    I think chain reaction cycles or uk bike store has your bearings but they come in pairs so you have to buy 2 for top and 2 for the bottom which makes it quite expensive (over £25) .
    I ordered mine yesterday but they are slightly different to yours(45/35 chamfer).
    So you need one at 1.5(52mm) lower and one at 1 1/8(41mm) upper both i think have 45/45 chamfer.
    I dont know if there is a difference between drop-in or press-fit ones so double check that.
    Ok hope this helps if you get stuck google cane creek headset bearings.
  9. Eddy

    Eddy Guru

    Thats the ones i ordered yesterday if you find the bottom ones and post me one I will send you the top one once it arrives if you want?

    Only the top one that was needing replaced on mine and bottom one didnt have a code so Im not sure if its a 45/45 or 45/36
  10. Eddy

    Eddy Guru

    Think i have found the bottom ones on uk bike store and you can buy in singles £11.49 which is quite expensive for one bearing ,I dont understand why the bike companies dont do a bearing kits for all their bikes which would make it so much easier.
  11. Tell me about it!

    LBS wants a tenner for the bottom one he matched up. Just spoken to Westbrook Cycles, really nice helpful guy but doesn't know the techs and specs of the bearings either.

    He did say though the cause of my rattle may be the Mavic skewer, apparently quite common so that's give me some useful info.
  12. Proto

    Proto Guru

    Try Dotbike, they sell FSA headset bearings individually


    Bloke there is very helpful and knows what he's doing technically.
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  13. I spoke to Nigel at Dotbike this morning, what a nice bloke he is :thumbsup:

    Sadly though even he's struggling a bit with these bearings.

    While he's not had direct dealing with Cannondale, he has with Trek and Giant, and he said the big boys aren't forthcoming with the info as they just want to sell you a full headset, grrrr!

    I've also had various people now tell me that my bearings are actually OK:blush:. So they are now stripped, cleaned and sitting in an oil bath prior to being re-packed with lithium grease and re-fitted tonight.

    I would however still like to get to the bottom of these bearings ready for when they are indeed fubar and do need replacing!

    So confirmed details thus far are;

    Top bearing - 1' 1'8, 36-45. This info is from a Cannodale dealer - FSA873?

    Bottom bearing - 1' 1/4, ?-45. If this is also 36-45 it's possibly a FSA870 but have not been able to confirm this.

    So, to anyone else Googling CAAD10 headset bearings, if you can add to the above info for the benfit of all then please do.
  14. Eddy

    Eddy Guru

    Your bottom bearing cant be 870 as that is 1 1/8 like the top bearing I think .
    36x45 deg CC x 41mm x 6.5mm. Blue seal. Size 11/8" is your top bearing i think (10.99 uk bike store) 873 code.
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