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Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by ozboz, 11 Jul 2018.

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    Richmond ,Surrey
    Since I took up riding a few years ago I’ve developed in interest in the competitions , the TdF , the Giro etc, I missed the racing today , but was just looking at the website, I see there are 22 teams and some 170 riders , that does not equate to full riders so to speak ,have some dropped out , injuries etc ? Or do some teams have more riders ? also are teams nominated to race , invited or apply , or is there some qualifying to it all ?
    I had a look around the website but couldn’t find info I was after , if anyone could point me to a site with this info I’d be well happy , I’d imagine an answer may have to be long winded ,
    Cheers ,
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    I haven't followed the race much this year but I can tell you that Louis Leon Sanchez (spelling?) has already crashed out
  3. ColinJ

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    There used to be 9 riders per team but they have reduced it to 8 per team this year so there would have been a maximum of 176 riders at the beginning. Some riders have been injured and others have got ill so that is why the numbers are already down. As the race progresses, other riders may fail to make the time limit (each stage has one, based on a slightly complicated formula) and be eliminated for that. Another reason for departure is to be kicked off the race for a doping offence (or some other form of cheating - holding on to/drafting team cars etc.). There are also disciplinary offences which can result in riders being sent home - fighting, dangerous riding causing accidents and so on.

    The top Pro Tour teams qualify for events automatically. Organisers also make a number of wild card team selections. So, a French team might get invited to the TdF that might not get invited to the Giro, for example.
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  4. OP

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    Richmond ,Surrey
    Thanks !! Helped cleared the fog on that one !!
    Having an understanding of the rules/laws makes it more enjoyable, , I’m off to get my rioad bike wheel sorted if I can this morn , not far but a specialist wheel builder at Wandsworth ,
    I’ll go on Le Tank ! ( Surly) and get back in time for today’s stage ,
    Cheers again !
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