TdF - Jersey Winners

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I will probably not get any of these right, but here's my stab at it...

Green Jersey - McKewen
KOM Jersey - Rasmussen (aka 'skeletor')
White Jersey - Contador
Yellow Jersey - I can't give a straight answer on this one. Here's why: if Astana rides strong and has the single focus of 1 leader and that said leader doesn't have a bad day in the mountains - then Vino takes the yellow.
If however, Astana does not work as a cohesive unit, and said leader has a bad day in the mountains and Discovery stays strong, then Levi in Yellow.
Look for Kloden, Sastre and maybe even F. Schleck in the top ten.

And by the way - Team CSC is looking quite strong. Astana isn't the only team to keep an eye on.


Maggot said:
Cavendish- White

Can't see Cavendish finishing myself... though I'd like to be proved wrong.
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