TdF Stage 19 ITV4?


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Today's live coverage on ITV4 is programmed until 4:30 GMT, but as far as I can work out the leaders won't be starting until around 5:00 GMT.

Can anyone clarify? Cheers!
They've mis programmed it a couple of times this year but they've stayed with the tour and re jigged things. They'll probably do the same this time, fingers crossed :smile:


As HLaB said, they have done this a few times this year and cancelled The Professionals.

As an avid Gordon Jackson fan I am outraged!!! :angry: :biggrin:

Eoin Rua

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Shleck goes at 1459 and Contador goes at 1502 so the ITV4 coverage will cover it...I guess for the rest of the show they'll recap the other riders
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