Tdr1nka and Wheels for Wellbeing - Please vote


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Old Dom Tdr1nka, formerly of this parish works for Wheels for Wellbeing. A charity that helps those people less fortunate then ourselves to ride and experience the joy of cycling.

They are currently in second place for the Lottery awards.
So how about the good folks of Cycle Chat forum help Dom and Wheels for Well Being by voting for them HERE

Here's a short vid about the charity. And for those that don't know Dom, he's the herbert keeping station behind the lady on the trike.

Much appreciated.


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Done :thumbsup:


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Done it a couple of weeks back and got some of my FB friends to vote too. They're a brilliant charity and I sometimes see them when I'm out and about. I've considered volunteering but unfortunately can't make that sort of commitment at the moment.
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