Teardrop muscle (above knee, slightly inside)

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i started cycling 2 weeks ago, and class myself as a noob but with a little bit of an idea.
My main aim this month is to fat burn, I am having rest days, I am also pushing myself quite hard. I am varying my cycling to try and bring up my overall fitness,
is it normal to experience a similar burning sensation in my teardrop muscle, like what I get in my quads (front of my thighs) when I am going balls out.
They don't burn all the time, only towards the end of a burst of energy).
I have never ( or possibly don't remember ) felt these muscles burn before.
The burning stops when I calm down, and spin for a little while.

Is it my body adapting to cycling or could I be set up wrong. I would like to think that as it only really occurs whilst I am pushing myself that it is my body begining to accept that I am exercising it.


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Sounds like your vastus medialis (the quadriceps muscle is a group made up of the vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, rectus femoris) - perfectly normal - if you look at pro cyclists you will notice that this muscle is very well developed :sad:

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That's good to know thank you.
I just get a point where it feels like my leg muscles are gonna burst out my legs, then when I have to stop pedalling it calms down very quickly.
I must add that this mainly happens on hills no matter what the steepness.

Cheers bud


Naughty Dog said:
I must add that this mainly happens on hills no matter what the steepness.
That's because like most of us your default setting is a discomfort level, not a fitness level i.e. the shallower the gradient the faster you go up it. For the same reason cycling never gets any easier, no matter how fit you get.
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