Ten speed?


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*Checks my road bike beside me and counts triple 10 speed - just to make sure like, then clicks link and notice it's referring to MTB sets*


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Would be pointless if, as the article says they increase range eg. 11-36. I already think 11-34 is pointless for most riders and I always buy 11-32. Also chain length will be impossible to get right using a 22/32/44 chainset with 11-36 cassette.

If however, cassettes are available in say 11-32, 10 speed version then all well and good. Don't expect the first ones available to be any good though. It took 2 years to get 9 speed cassettes sorted when they were launched in 1999.

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--and today you'll be hard pressed to find an 8-speed bike in good running order.

I have a working eight-speed cassette on my MTB. I was always too tight resisted the urge to buy a nine-speed cassette as I couldn't see the point of spending the extra money for one more cog, and that is without knowing the downsides of the chains wearing out faster and the gear changers being more tempermental.


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I'm rather glad i've gone back to single speed on the MTB now.

A 9 speed MTB chain is normally about £10. Whereas a 10 speed road bike chain is £15/£20. Chains (and cassettes) wear out horrendously quickly on the MTB so this extra cost could well become an issue.


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For ages my default bike was 7 speed, 12-32 with a 38T chainset. Got me up most hills around here.
My carbon bike has 10 speed 105 on it, but frankly it was fine with 8 speed Sora.
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