Ten Years Ago Today


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Lazing round at the in-laws on Boxing day watching TV.


It was a very sad sight..I went to the pub and no doubt discussed it with lots of people..how times have changed..


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Can't remember exactly but my Uncle and family were over there and made no effort to contact anyone in the aftermath, my grandpa, old and frail, was frantic with worry that his son was dead. A week after tsunami, I ended up going to the uncle's house, none of neighbours had heard from them nor had a key, so I eventually got Police along to break into it with me to find contact info for cousins who lived in Hong Kong. Managed to and left messages & emails hoping they were picked up. 2 days later he calls my grandpa, claims to have known nothing of any Tsunami happening, no idea why anyone should be worried and ruin his holiday like that & threatening to prosecute me for breaking and entering.


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Worrying about my friends who live in krabi province and wondering if any had died. Found out that a few thais I knew who had long tail boats had died and my English friends were all OK. They then spent the next week working with the Thai navy clearing the bodies on phi phi as they are all dive instructors. Very sad and can't believe it was 10 years ago. I lived on that coast for 2 years and still can't believe what happened to this day.

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I do in fact remember. I was at home watching the news. Terrible scenes. I couldn't believe how many people died in the disaster. It must have been terrible for the relatives, some of whom never found they're relatives bodies. They were left with nothing, and didn't even know what had happened to they're loved ones, and maybe they lived for a while thinking, hoping theyre loved ones were still alive somewhere.


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Remember the first time casualties were mentioned. They'd not reached double figures. Numbers grew as the day went on.
The sad thing is having to Google the date to see what happened.

I think that it is a function of age, history blurs

However I have not forgotten the events of that day, and I don't think that failing to remember the date diminishes that
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