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  1. eskimo

    eskimo New Member

    Hi there, I'm new here and was after some advice. I'm planning a trip through the Western Isles with someone and was wondering if anyone could recommend 2/3 man tents. Lightweight, but sturdy, not too expensive. Probably budget to £200 at most.

  2. ASC1951

    ASC1951 Guru

    There is a well-worn saying, which applies to tents as much as most sports equipment - "Light. Strong. Cheap. Pick any two."

    Personally I would go for a s/h example of a good make rather than compromise on quality, although if you're only looking for a 2-3 season tent the budget won't be under such pressure. Try a Vango or a Quasar.
  3. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

  4. HelenD123

    HelenD123 Veteran

  5. cnb

    cnb Über Member

    north east
    If you are off to Scotland make sure that your tent has a good mozzie (MIDGE) net, Hillebergs are good but very expensive. I toured france on a tandem with my ex missus and we used a quasar and it performed well...Mind we are not together now but i don't think it was the tents fault:smile:
  6. JackE

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    A 2nd hand Hilleberg Nallo 2 is worth considering. The quality is superb and it's light enough (2.1kg) for one to carry. It's also very windproof and (in the Western Isles) you never know when the next storm is coming in from the Atlantic, it's a very important factor.
    The Terra Nova Voyager is also a very good lightweight/windproof tent.
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    Hampshire UK
  8. willem

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    I am a fan of Hilleberg or Helsport tents for when the going gets tough. Unfortunately they are in a different price bracket (Helsport is a bit cheaper than Hilleberg but of similar quality).
    Vaude do decent light tents that are significantly cheaper than either of these Scandinavian brands.
  9. The Mrs and I toured NW Scotland in with a Terra Nova Voyager XL - our review is here:
  10. Crankarm

    Crankarm Guru

    Nr Cambridge
    This Vango Spirit 200+ is worth a look, will provide protection in almost any weather,


    but a little above your budget maybe you could find it cheaper elsewhere.

    For more space the Spirit 300+, but more expensive and a little heavier, but full on expedition protection,


    This Spirit 300+ went for just under £200.


  11. Ricd11

    Ricd11 New Member

    i have bought the vango banshee 200 2010 model. Tested it in pretty miserable conditions a few weeks ago and was very happy. The size was ideal for one with space to store bags etc inside, or in the small porch (there is a 3 man version). At 5'8" i could sit up ok when getting changed. Packs away nice and light at 2kg, was fine bungeed onto rear rack. It pitches fly first or together. Importantly for me it only cost £70, i think its great value for money.

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