That'll learn me..............

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Just call me Chris...
Stuffing my bike into the bike shed this morning, the caretaker wandered over for a chat.
Turned out he'd just bought himself a bike and was going to use it a bit later in the Year, you know, when it warms up a bit.

He then enquired about my bike. Cost? is it heavy? (has a quick pick-up, ums and agh's) and then comes the (hidden) bombshell.
"What about pu****r*s then?" he asks

"Well, I've been really lucky" I confidently reply. "In nearly 700 miles, (thumbs through cycle computer display) well 690 to be precise I haven't really had one."
"Well, only one they call a snakebite puncture which was my fault for letting the pressure drop in the rear tyre"

Yup, that and the other bugger which of course I had on my way home today, a text book drawing pin straight through the rear tyre on the fast dual carrigeway descent...........................


nothing in moderation
silly bugger!


... and the spooky bit is that there isn't a caretaker where you leave your bike... <shiver>:evil:
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