The 2008 Metric Century (100KM) A Month Challenge


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Bourne End, UK
The challenge is open to anyone who feels up to completing a 100KM ride by the 31st January 2008 and a minimum of one a month from then on. Your first ride must be in January, no doubling up in the following month to catch up.

You must ride one metric century 100KM (62.18 miles) per month to successfully complete the challenge. Simply log every ride of 100KM or more and award yourself a point for each 100KM ridden.

The aim of challenge is to serve as a motivator. There is a competitive element whereby the person with the most points by the end of 2008 may receive a virtual pat on the back from other participants.*

Register your interest by creating your own post and then edit it, throughout the year, with the details of each new ride.

The rules are:

1. At least one metric century each month.
2. Each metric century is worth 1 point.
3. Double centuries are worth two points and so on.
4. For very long continuous rides, use the completion date to log the ride.
5. 50KM on Saturday and 50KM on Sunday is not a continuous ride!

Your post might look something like this:

8 Jan, 1 Point, 103.5KM, Total Points: 1, Total Distance: 103.5KM
15 Jan, 2 Points, 207KM, Total Points: 3, Total Distance: 310.5KM
5 Feb, 1 Point 129.5KM Total Points: 4, Total Distance: 440KM

Or you could also just put your totals at the bottom of the post:

8 Jan, 1 Point, 103.5KM
15 Jan, 2 Points, 207KM
5 Feb, 1 Point 129.5KM

Total Points: 4
Total Distance: 440KM

Try to keep the thread limited to the details of your rides. A separate thread is available for commentary, feedback, moans and encouragement; this thread may be tidied up from time to time to keep it ‘on message’.

* The pat on the back element is dependent on the goodwill of the other participants, which could be non-existent if the winner makes the rest of us look really bad! ;)


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Bourne End, UK
Well I'll stake a claim, given that I only cycled 9 months out of this years 12 and the longest was 50ish miles this will be a step up so we'll see how far I get.

Edit: bad start with cold and virus. First week in Jan and haven't been on the bike in two weeks, still got time though, I hope.
27/01/08 : 63.0m : Flatlands of Cheshire
10/02/08 : 65.9m : Cheshire/Staffs, Mow Cop
21/03/08 : 62.6m : Flatlands of Cheshire, very windy
30/03/08 : 116.8m : Cheshire Cat + to/from start
13/04/08 : 68.0m : Wildboarclough & Lamaload
03/05/08 : 81¾m : Brickworks, Windgather, Goyt, Stone Cross
05/05/08 : 101.9m : Cheshire, Wales, Shropshire
18/05/08 : 71.1m : Bollington to Pym's Chair, Goyt
01/06/08 : 100K (61.9m) : Riccione, Italy
03/06/08 : 115K (71.1m) : Riccione, Italy
05/06/08 : 100K (61.9m) : Riccione, Italy
06/06/08 : 100K (61.9m) : Riccione, Italy
08/06/08 : 118.9m : White Rose Classic
13/07/08 : 68.6m : Tegg's Nose & Pym's Chair
27/07/08 : 76.1m : Bridestones, Danebridge
03/08/08 : 102.5m : Pendle Pedal
22/08/08 : 64.25m : Mansell Centurian Challenge
23/08/08 : 63.5 : Flatlands of Cheshire
07/09/08 : 100.7m : Spud Riley
14/09/08 : 66.2m : via Gawsworth 10K & The Cloud
19/10/08 : 62.2m : Flatlands of Cheshire
08/11/08 : 66.5m : Macc Forest & Swiss Hill
26/12/08 : 71.4m : Flatlands of Cheshire

1747.7m (2824.3km) : 23pt

Graham O

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Just as Dave5N says, I'm in, but don't have time for an imperial century every month.

Better get rid of the christmas pud/cake/choccies first!

I wonder who will be the first to post. Anyone up for 100km on New Years day around West Cheshire? (Weather permitting, of course)
I'm up for this. Tried last year on the old C+ forum. Did very well in January, over 400km but then a nasty cold which turned into a chest nexinfection put me out of action for nearly 6 weeks in February/March:sad:

I have a few personal challenges set for 2008 and getting my mileage up is one of them. Must be something to do with turning 40 next year:ohmy:


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Beside the road
I'm in!


Flim Flormally
4 January 117 km 1 point Amersfoort Wijk Houten Soesterberg Amersfoort
6 January 101 km 1 point Amersfoort Huizen Harderwijk Amersfoort
26 January 127 km 1 point Amersfoort Ede Arnhem Wageningen Amersfoort
22 February 121 km 1 point Amersfoort Veluwe Vaassen Apeldoorn Amersoort
29 February 103 km 1 point Amersfoort Wijk Wageningen Woudenberg Amersfoort
31 March 138 km 1 point Amersfoort Apeldoorn Uddel Soeren Apeldoorn * Amersfoort
10 april 118 km 1 point Amersfoort 17x over the Heuvelrug Amerongen Amersfoort
13 April 106 km 1 point The Beemster Pijl, North Holland (+ 15km to make up the distance)
16 April 103 km 1 point Amersfoort Austerlitz Wijk Amerongen Woudenberg Amersfoort
10 May 112 km 1 point Ghent Antwerp (Belgium)
11 May 102 km 1 Point Antwerp Dorst (NL)
12 May 123 km 1 point Dorst Amersfoort
8 June 144 km 1 point Amersfoort Wijk Wageningen Veluwe Amersfoort
12 June 113 km 1 point Amersfoort Amsterdam Velsen Ijmuiden
14 June 117 km 1 point Northern Rock Cyclone
16 June 117 km 1 point Ijmuiden Haarlem Schiphol Amersfoort
22 July 132 km 1 point Amersfoort Beuningen Amersfoort
26 August 116 km 1 point Indooroopilly Brisbane Cleveland Point Gaby Bay Indooroopilly
6 September 104 km 1 point Amersfoort Wjk Amerongen Woudenburg Soest Amersfoort
10 September 229 km 2 points Am'foort Zeeland Bridge (2x) Scheldt Barrier Middelburg
11 October 118 km 1 point Amersfoort Wijk Geldermalsen Zaltbommel and back again
26 November 119 km 1 point Amersfoort Wijk Houten FC Urecht Soest Amersfoort
12 December 103 km 1 point Amersfoort Huizen Zeewolde * Harderwijk Amersfoot

Total points: 24 Total kilometres: 2,783

* p*nct*re
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