The 2015 Imperial Century A Month Challenge

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    Ok, I'm in as well.

    17/01 - 134 miles - Willie Warmer Auxdax
    A cold but mostly dry ride from Chalfont St. Peter via Henly on Thames to Lambourn and Hungerford and back to Chalfont. My first PBP qualifier, on the road with @Michael Adu

    02/02 - 128 miles - DIY Audax London-Essex-London
    A cold but dry ride with @Michael Adu , on my default route leaving North London on the Dunwich Dynamo route via Epping, Great Dunmow and Finchlingfield to Sudbury, then on to Tiptree, Chelmsford and back to London.

    06/03 - 129 miles - London - Brighton - Windsor
    First bit was the Friday Night Ride from London to Brighton. I originally had the idea to do a DIY 200k Audax on top of it but abandonded that idea in Windsor, where I got on the train back to London.

    11/04 - 190 miles - Green and Yellow Fields Audax
    My second 300k Audax (first one was a DIY from Lille in France via Belgium and the Netherlands to Germany in July 2014). Leaving Manningtree at midning with @Michael Adu , @Trickedem and @mmmmartin . From Manningtree via Sudbury, Mildenhall, Burnham, Hempton, Dereham, Stowmarket back to Manningtree.

    10/05 - 259 miles - Asparagus and Strawberry Audax
    My first 400k (259 miles) Audax, starting Manningtree via Ixworth, Halesworth, Acle, Wells, Barton Mills and Saffron Waldon back to Manningtree. First three quarter of the ride were fine, but I was really really struggling on the last leg, mainly due to a lack of sleep and due to going to fast at the beginning.

    22/06 - 129 miles - DIY Audax London-Essex-London
    DIY Audax with @Gordon P and @Eddie_C . We met at the Lee Valley Ice Rink and headed towards Essex on the Dunwich Dynamo Route (via Epping, Great Dunmow, Finchlingfield) up to Sudbury. Turned towards Tiptree (lunch at the jam factory), and Chemlsford back to North London.

    07/07 - 132 miles - After-Work DIY Audax
    My first solo DIY Audax in a long time. I left work on a Friday afternoon 4.30pm-ish and took the long way home: From Canary Wharf via Barking towards Chelmsford, Tiptree and Sudbury, where I took the Dunwich Dynamo route back to London (via Finchlingfield, Great Dunmow and Enfield).
    Was home by 2.15am. A balmy summer night and some really impressive thunderstorms - mostly on the horizon but it got a bit damp at the end.

    07/08 - 128 miles - After Work Audax Mk. II
    Canary Wharf to Sudbury and back to North London after work. Slightly tweaked route compared to July - cut out the dual carriageway and eventually got the way around Chelmsford right, and not thunderstorms this time! Delighted that @frank9755 and @Eddie_C joined the ride which completes my first RRtY! Bike was fully loaded like next week in Paris, and With just 45 minutes off the bike, it was my ride with least stops.

    20/09 - 130 miles - DIY 200 Audax
    My default DIY Audax route from North London to Sudbury and back, this time as a solo ride. What a glorious late-summer day to be out there on the bike.

    24/10 - 129 miles - DIY 200 Audax
    With @Eddie_C and @mllond - as I got a bit tired of my default DIY route, I concocted and alternative, based on Audax Club Hackney's famous "Straight Outta Hackney", with some modifications. For a start, the ride really started in Hackney. I also tweaked the route out and back into the big smoke, and did not bother to go into Cambridge. We got soaked in the last couple of hours, and it got dark really quickly. Seems like summer really is over.

    7/11 - 136 miles - Upper Thames Audax
    A lovely loop around Oxford, through nice parts of the Chilterns and the outskirts of the Cotswolds. Weather was a bit of a problem though. Heavy winds, and the first two thirds were a proper washout. @frank9755 kindly pulled me the 140k into Chipping Norton, where the "franked" the control but I needed a rest. Fortunately, the weather improved afterwards.

    3/12 - 128 miles - DIY Audax from North London to Sudbury and back
    With @AKA Bob and @Gordon P - a December ride cannot get much better than this. Balmy weather, no rain, four very civilised stops, beer at the end. What's not to like? And done for the year.* Yay!

    *How do I get this bloody star?
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    Just a note to say if anyone is having trouble updating their posts to add new ride info, please let me know via PM and I'll update your account.

    @Dave 123 yours has been updated! :okay:

    Shaun :biggrin:
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    Thank you sir!
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    Novembers qualifying ride done today. A blast down to Ashford in Kent and back. It was a bit blustery out there so thank gawd for all the Kent hedgerows and trees meaning the wind wasn't overtly strong. They winds were also side winds rather then tail or headwinds which made things a little easier. But I had to work at it and my legs keep reminding me.

    So 100 miles on the ticker.
    Novembers ride done
    Century # 30 for 2015
    Century # 164 over all

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