The 2016 Imperial Century A Month Challenge

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  1. Soltydog

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    near Hornsea
    23/01/16 101.3 miles 6 hours 17 mins, ave speed 16.1mph Hornsea, Skipsea, Kilham, Cowlam, Driffield, Brandesburton, & Catwick on the club ride with 5 others, approx 53 miles, then onto Rise, Sproatley, Burton Pidsea, Halsham, Rimswell, Roos, Humbleton & back home

    24/02/16 100.7 miles 5 hours 52 mins, ave speed 17.1mph Bit of frost early doors, so stuck on main roads & headed south from Hornsea all the way to Easington, headed in land for breakfast at Winestead, Then headed north for a few local loops near home till I'd hit the ton

    23/03/16 100.6 miles 5 hours 26 mins ave speed 18.5mph Headed north to Skipsea & then south via Long Riston & Roos to Patrington, across to Withernsea & then back up towards home with a few local loops to hit a ton

    21/04/16 102.1 miles 5 hours 55 mins ave speed 17.2mph. Headed north to Skipsea & Kilham, then west to Driffield & on the wolds to Goodmanham, then back east through Beverley , south down to Burton Pidsea & Roos, then back north home

    17/05/16 101 miles 5 hours 32 mins, ave speed 18.2mph North from Hornsea to Beeford, then south to Hedon, back North to Fitling for a lunch stop, then back south towards Halsham & Winestead, then back home to Hornsea with a few local loop to get the ton

    11/06/16 102 miles 5 hours 40 mins, ave speed 18mph. Short 20 mile loop from home, before joining the Saturday club ride taking in the WFK sportive route, just over 62 miles & finished with another 20 mile loop near home.

    21/07/16 101.8 miles 5 hours 34 mins, ave speed 18.3 mph. On my new Van Nic. similar route to my Jan ride, headed north through Skipsea, onto Kilham & Cowlam, back to Driffield, onto edge of the Wolds down to Etton, then to Beverley & Routh, then south as far as Burton Pidsea, across to Halsham & Roos then north back home

    13/08/16 100.4 miles 5 hours 45 mins, ave speed 17.4mph. A quick 25 mile solo loop & then out on a cub ride, heading from Hornsea to Skipsea & Kilham, onto the Wolds through Cowlam & Sledmere, through Wetwang & a cafe stop at Tibthorpe.before heading back through Hutton Cranswick & Beeford. Arrived back in Hornsea at just over 80 miles, so headed off for another solo loop to reach 100.

    2/09/16 101.8 miles 5 hours 38 mins, ave speed 18.1mph. A 40 mile ride with a few mates, heading to Bethell Bridge via Hornsea & Bewhome & returning to Hornsea via Rise, then headed off solo, upto Skipsea, then south through Arnold, Bilton, Lelley & onto Patrington for a cafe stop after 80 miles, then headed across to Holmpton & back up the coast to Hornsea

    30/10/16 103.4 miles 5 hours 59 mins, ave speed 17.3mph. Two 50ish mile loops, the first with 2 mates, heading out of Hornsea to Beeford, down to Brandesburton, through Skirlaugh & Aldbrough, then back onto Hornsea. Then off on my own, north to Atwick, then across Catfoss, onto Catwick, down to Coniston across to Humbleton, Down to Patrington for a cafe stop at 86 miles, which was probably a little far & then back north as far as Cowden & picked the car up from the local after leaving it last night :okay:

    30/11/16 102.2 miles 6 hours 15 mins, ave speed 16.3mph. Had a couple of routes plotted, but due to icy conditions ended up sticking to roads I know. North to Skipsea & Kilham, across to Driffield, towards Middleton & Goodmanham, then back towards Beverley, east to Routh, then south to Bilton, across to Roos & then a zig zag north home to get to the magic ton.

    14/12/16 101.6 mile 6 hours 19 mins, ave speed 16.1mph. Headed west through Beverley, onto Pocklington & then down to Howden, back through Gilberdyke, North Cave & Beverley & then back home. Garmin file wont upload :angry: but manual entry added with a screen shot of the Garmin showing the ride stats.
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  2. Eddie_C

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    January 23rd
    148 miles - DIY Audax from North London to Sudbury and back
    Ladbroke Grove - Highbury - Great Dunmow - Sudbury - outskirts of Chelmsford - Highbury - Ladbroke Grove
    With @redfalo, @mllond, @AKA Bob and @Michael Adu.
    Great day out, and really impressive comeback by Michael.

    February 20th London - Marton - Coventry 110 miles
    Ladbroke Grove - HPC - Stanmore - Watford - Wigginton - Wing - Stewkley - Silverstone - Blakesley - Priors Martin - Marton - Stoneleigh - Coventry.
    With @Dogtrousers.

    March 12th London - Southend - Upminster 105 miles
    Ladbroke Grove - HPC - Limehouse - Plaistow - Dagenham - Thurrock Services M25 - Herongate - Billericay - Battlesbridge - Rayleigh - Daws Heath - Leigh-on-Sea - Southend - Rochford - Hockley - Rayleigh - Wickford - Noak Hill - Dunton - Bulphan - Upminster. With @AKA Bob and The Fridays' recce group.

    April 23rd London - Whitstable - Rochester 106 miles
    Ladbroke Grove - Oval - Bermondsey - Plumstead - Greenhithe - Gravesend - Lower Higham - Strood - Upchurch - Sittingbourne - Teynham - Faversham - Graveney - Whitstable - Graveney - Faversham - Teynham - Sittingbourne - Upchurch - Chatham - Rochester.
    With @Trickedem and The Fridays.

    May 29th London - Faygate- Shoreham - Crawley - Horley - Gatwick 100 miles
    Ladbroke Grove - Battersea - Mitcham - Coulsdon - Reigate- Faygate - Lower Beeding - Steyning - Shoreham Airport - Portslade - Devil's Dyke - Twineham - Warninglid - Handcross - Crawley - Horley - loops - Gatwick Airport

    June 4th Isle of Wight circuit plus inland loops 100 miles
    East Cowes - Wootton Bridge - Downend - Havenstreet - Fishbourne - Sandown - Wroxall - Military Road - Freshwater - Yarmouth - Northwood - Cowes - Wootton Bridge - Ryde - Ashey - Downend - Wootton Bridge - loops - East Cowes
    With @StuAff and co.

    July 16th London to Felpham with the Fridays, plus ride back to Pulborough 100 miles
    Ladbroke Grove - HPC- Tooting - Merton - Epsom Downs - Betchworth - Rusper - Faygate - Horsham - Coolham - West Chiltington - Watersfield - Bury Hill- Arundel - Ford - Felpham - loops - Ford - Arundel - Bury Hill - Pulborough. Victoria - Ladbroke Grove. With @Flying Dodo and The Fridays.

    August 20th London - Whitstable - Rochester 102 miles
    Ladbroke Grove - HPC - Embankment - Tooley Street - Plumstead - Greenhithe - Gravesend canal - Strood - Upchurch - Sittingbourne - Teynham - Faversham - Graveney - Whitstable - Graveney - Faversham - Teynham - Sittingbourne - Newington - Chatham - Rochester.
    With @Trickedem and The Fridays.

    September 14th Aachen - Malmedy - Liege 100.6 miles
    Most of a 200km DIY by GPS. Aachen-Monschau-Warnes-Malmedy-Stavelot-Stoumont-Esneux-Liege. 100.6 miles. With @StuAff and The Fridays.

    October 1st London - Great Dunmow - Grantchester - Hawstead - Manningtree - Great Dunmow - Bishop's Stortford 186 miles
    Ladbroke Grove - Highbury - Epping - Great Dunmow - Richard Ellis Memorial 200km audax - Great Dunmow - Bishop's Stortford. With @redfalo.

    November 5th London - Witham - Essex 3R - Basildon 144 miles
    Ladbroke Grove - Highbury - Chigwell - Ingatestone - Witham - Essex 3R - Basildon. With @redfalo, @Michael Adu and @alotronic .

    December 3rd London - Witham - Stansted Airport Express - Shenfield 138 miles
    Ladbroke Grove - Highbury - Stansted Airport Express + ECE . With @redfalo and @Michael Adu.
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  3. Michael Adu

    Michael Adu Senior Member

    Not so early as planned Jan 23rd
    143.7 miles (corrected) all in all from Stockwell - Highbury - Sudbury -Highbury - Islington
    With @redfalo, @mllond, @AKA Bob, @Eddie_C and meself
    1st Post Quad tendon Op - \DIY Audax Ride 200km +

    February's ride another 144 miles .
    all in all from Stockwell - Highbury - Sudbury -Highbury - Stockwell
    with @redfalo; and @Gordon P

    March's Ride another 187 miles
    The Dean 300 km Audax Di2 / Gadget Nightmare
    Rode with @redfalo in spirit & saved by @swarm_catcher

    April's Rides cutting it fine 30th April
    The Green and Yellow 300k Audax total milage 196 (should have road round the block a few times)
    Just rocked up and rode with @redfalo & @AKA Bob
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  4. Jan 30 - A fast 52.2 miles training ride, a quick sandwich then a deliberately slow 48.8 miles recovery ride; combined 100.6miles (no idea where 0.4 went) in 6:36:53 (15.2mph moving ave), max of 33.5mph and 3970ft of climbing.
    Peterborough, Awalton, Elton, Cotterstock, Oundle, Upper Benefield, Deene, Harringworth, Wakerley, Barrowden, Ketton, Stamford, Pilsgate, Bainton, Helpston, Marholm, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, Awalton, Haddon, Norman Cross, Old A1, Coppinford, Hammerton, Luddington in the Brook, Hemmington, Polebrook, Oundle, Cotterstock, Nassington, Elton, Awalton, Peterborough.

    7 Feb - That was harder than it should have been, probably something to do with the flat tyre. 35 miles with mates then a wee bit more, Wee Bawbag Ride, 101.4 miles in 6:38:19 (15.3mph moving ave), max of 30.4mph and 3166ft of climbing.
    Peterborough, Marholm, Helpston, Bainton, Pilsgate, Stamford, Easton on the Hill, Collyweston, King Cliffe, Nassington, Elton, Peterborough, Haddon, Norman Cross, Alconbury Hill, Great Stukeley, Huntingdon, Abbots Ripton, Coppingford, Hammerton, Great Gidding, Luddington in the Brook, Hemington, Polebrook, Ashton, Oundle, Cotterstock, Nassington, Elton, Alwalton, Peterborough.

    6 Mar - 36miles with Club KV then a wee bit more.
    104.1 miles in 6:07:17 (17mph moving ave), max of 34.6mph and 3033ft of climbing. Peterborough, Awalton, Elton, Wansford, Kings Cliffe, Blatherwycke, Bulwick, Southwick, Oundle, Ashton, Polebrook, Lutton, Bullock Road, Awalton, Rutland Cycles Peterborough, Bullock Road, Rutland Cycles, Fletton, Stanground, Whittlesey, North Side, Thorney, Crowland, Deeping St James, Deeping Gate, Northborough, Glinton, Peakirk, Deeping Gate, Market Deeping, West Deeping, Lolham, Bainton, Barnack, Southorpe, Wansford, Yarwell, Nassington, Elton, Awalton, Peterborough.

    30 Apr - Mallorca 312 on an empty stomach, 193.8 miles in 12:36:50 (15.4mph moving ave), max of 37.2mph and 15,517ft of climbing. Starting in Port Alcudia then a wee bit round the island.

    22 May - ToC Recce & Recovery Ride, 103.7miles in 5:33:08 (18.8mph moving ave), max of 37.3mph and 2,874ft of climbing. Peterborough, Awalton, Elton Furze, Washingley, Caldecott, Great Gidding, Winwick, Alconbury Hill, Woodwalton, Great Raveley, Upwood, Ramsey Heights, Ramsey St Mary's, Pondersbridge, Ramsey Mereside, Ramsey Forty Foot, Benwick, Pondersbridge, Farcet, Yaxley, Norman Cross, Haddon, Elton Furze, Awalton, Peterborough, Awalton, Elton Furze, Haddon, Norman Cross, Morbourne, Elton Furze, Awalton, Peterborough.

    22 June - Longest Day Ride, 203.5miles in 13:45:40 (17.8mph moving ave) with a max of 35.2mph and 6,214ft of climbing. Peterborough, Awalton, Elton Furze, Washingley, Normans Cross, Yaxley, Farcet, Pondersbridge, Whittlesey, Thorney, Crowland, Market Deeping, Caste Bytham, Clipsham, Greetham, Empingham, Normanton, Edith Weston, Glaston, Laxton, Bulwick, Oundle, Polebrook, Washingley Cross Roads, Great Gidding, Leighton Bromswold, Old Weston, Catworth, Kimbolton, Stonely, Perry, Buckden, Fenstanton, Swavesey, Over, Willingham, Earith, Colne, Somersham, Chatteris, Swingbrow, Wimblington, March, Turves, Pondersbridge, Ramsey St Mary's, Holme, Glatton, Warmington, Fotheringhay, Elton, Awalton, Peterborough.

    31 July - Ride London, 100miles in 5:03:40 (19.8mph moving ave) (0.6 miles is lost in tunnels etc but if you're worried add) with a max of 40.6mph and 4,636ft of climbing. 100miles round London and Surrey.

    6 Aug - Training Ride and TopUp, 101.5miles in 5:40:16 (17.9mph moving ave) with max of 39.5mph and 5,134ft of climbing:Peterborough, Elton, Wansford, Ufford, Bainton, Tallington, Barholm, Greatfored, Carlby, Witham on the Hill, Toft, Edenham, Grimsthorpe, Corby Glen, Colsterworth, Stainby, Sewstern, Wymondham, Stapleford, Leesthorpe, Somerby, Cold Overton, Langham, Burley, Empingham, Collyweston, Kings Cliffe, Apethorpe, Woodnewton, Apethorpe, Elton, Peterborough, around town.

    10 Sep - Ronde Picarde, 114.6miles in 6:18:32 (18.2mph moving ave) with a max of 40.7mph and 5,924ft of climbing, Around Abbeville/ Picarde.

    9 Oct - Cafe Ventuox Ride, 108.7 miles in 6:55:55 (15.7mph moving ave) with a max of 40.3mph and 4,060ft of climbing (the Edge 200 says 5,500ft :-/ ). Peterborough, Awalton, Elton, Nassington, Apethorpe, King's Cliffe, Blatherwyke, Laxton, Harringworth, Glaston, Riddlington, Withcote, Cafe Ventoux, Tugby, Hallaton, Horninghold. Uppingham, Seaton, Harringworth, Laxton, Blatherwyke, King's Cliffe, Apethorpe, Nassington, Elton, Awalton, Peterborough, Marholm, Ufford, Barnack, Pilsgate, Stamford, Ketton, Collyweston, King's Cliffe, Apethorpe, Woodnewton, Fotheringhay, Elton, Awalton, Peterborough.

    13 Nov - PCC ride and a bit, 119.2 miles in 7:28:12 (16mph moving ave) with a max of 33.8mph and 5,255ft of climbing - Peterborough, Elton, Peterborough, Cafe, Marholm, Helpston, Bainton, Barnack, Pilsgate,Stamford, Ketton, Collyweston, Wansford, Elton, Peterborough, Marholm, West Deeping, Barholm, Uffington, Stamford, Ketton, Normanton, Empingham, Whitwell, Gunthorpe, Manton, Edith Weston, Normanton, Ketton, Collyweston, Kings Cliffe, Apethorpe, Woodnewton, Fotheringhay, Elton, Awalton, Peterborough

    4 Dec - PCC 50/ Solo 55, 105miles in 6:39:42 (15.8mph moving) with a max of 33.3mph and 4,419ft of climbing - Peterborough, Elton, Peterborough, Cafe, Farcet, Yaxley, Connington, Sawtry, Hammerton, Winwick, Thurning, Barnwell, Polebrook, Lutton, Awalton, Peterborough, Marholm, Helpston, Maxey, West Deeping, Barholm, Uffington, Stamford, Ketton, Collyweston, Kingscliffe, Blatherwyke, Bulwick, Southwick, Fotheringhay, Elton, Awalton, Peterborough




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    I'm really sorry I think I may have posted Jan's century on the wrong thread - newby to forums :@
    So here's Jan's ride 109.3 m with Kajsa Tylen

    and Feb Cycling Weekly Sportive Colchester and ride home 100.8m

    March 3rd 110.6 miles on a beautiful day

    April 3rd 120.1 miles, beautiful day unfortunately burnt like a beetroot!! Essex Roads Spring Lambs Sportive and ride there and back

    May 1st 150.8 miles, solo ride to Cambridge, beautiful day, burnt again!!

    June 2nd 102.7 miles, great company, great ride awful headwind :'(

    July 2nd 100.5 mile solo burnt yet again!!!

    August 7th 127 miles solo ride to see Dad and the into Hertfordshire, slight panic when Strava routes sent me out onto A1 with 3 lanes of traffic but found an alternative!!

    10/11 of Sept 306 miles solo ride at Revolve 24hr competition at Brands Hatch and an unexpected 1st place in the ladies category with just shy of 29000 ft of climbing (despite Garmin saying more)

    8/10 132.9 miles Cambridge Autumnal Audax
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