The 2017 Metric Century (100km) A Month Challenge

Discussion in 'CycleChat Monthly Challenges' started by cosmicbike, 28 Dec 2016.

  1. Milkfloat

    Milkfloat Veteran

    2nd Jan. Warwick, Barford, Charlcote, Loxley, Alderminster, Ilmington, Mickleton, Welford-on-Avon, Wilmcote, CRASH, Snitterfield, Claverdon, Leamington Spa, Ufton, Warwick. 101km.

    4th Feb Warwick, Charlcote, Wellesbourne, Pillerton Priors, Halford, Ilmington, Quinton, Pebworth, Badsey, Aston Somerville, Emley Castle, Eckington, Twyning, Tewkesbury.

    4th March Warwick, Norton Lindsey, Shelfield, Haselor, Bidford on Avon, Mickleton, Halford, Kineton, Bishops Itchington, Long Itchington, Warwick. 101km

    1st April
    Warwick, Charlecote, Alderminster, Paxford, Todenham, Willington, Kineton, Harbury, Long Itchington, Warwick. 102km

    8th May
    Herne Bay, Faversham, Wichling, South Green, Hucking, Lenham, Challock, Dunkirk, Blean, Herne Bay. 102km

    10th June
    Warwick, Alderminster, Chipping Camden, Whatcote, Kineton, Long Itchington, Warwick 102km

    2nd July
    Warwick, Temple Balsall, Hockley Heath, Studley, Feckenham, Broom, Warwick 108km

    6th August
    Warwick, Admington, Chipping Camden, Hidcote, Bidford upon Avon, Norton Lindsey, Beausale, Leamington, Warwick 117km

    3rd September Warwick, Hasely Knob, Great Alne, Mickleton, Hidcote, Halford, Kineton, Wellesbourne, Warwick. 102km

    15 October Warwick, Wellesbourne, Oxhill, Long Compton, Chipping Campden, Preston on Stour, Warwick. 102km

    30 November Warwick, Kingswood, Knowle, Fillongley, Bedworth, Brinklow, Southam, Warwick. 102km

    30 December
    Warwick, Bearley, Lawsonford, Danzey Green, Welford-on-Avon, Lower Quinton, Pillerton Priors, Wellesbourne, Warwick. 105.7km
  2. Cranky Knee Girl

    Cranky Knee Girl Über Member

    N Somerset
    Jan 2017
    Sun 8th BRCC Weston and Cheddar in the fog Home-Backwell-Weston super Mare-Axbridge-Cheddar Gorge-Wrington-Home 102km 988m
    Sun 5th BRCC Chepstow and TinternHome-Bristol Suspension Bridge-Old Severn Bridge-Chepstow-Tintern-Chepstow-Old Severn Bridge-Avonmouth Bridge-Backwell-Home. 104km 1175m
    Sat 4th Gospel Pass Audax Chepstow-Monmouth-Hay on Wye-Gospel pass-Abergavenny-Usk-Chepstow 158km 2200m
    Sat 11th Wells and Mells and Old Railway Trail 100km Audax Home-Whitchurch-Wells-Bruton-Mells-Whitchurch-Home 129km 1938m
    Sat 23rd BRCC Wander to Weston Home-Nailsea-Winsombe-Uphill-Weston super mare-Hewish-Congresbury-Yatton-Backwell-Home. 100km 513m
    Sat 13th France Marennes Royan La Palmyre and Côte Sauvage 103km 520m
    Sun 11th Home, Backwell, Burrington Coombe, Wells, Glastonbury, Cheddar Gorge, Chew Stoke, Home 115km 1200m
    Sun 9th Home Backwell-Brockley Coombe-Chew Magna--Pensford Viaduct-Chew Stoke-Backwell--Clevedon-Portbury-Belmont-Home 100km 1200m
    Sat 15th Plains Trains and no more Automobiles Audax Warmley (Bristol)- Malmesbury-Wootton Bassett-Stonehenge-Radstock-Warmley 209km 2350m 2pts
    Sun 6th Home Chew Magna Wells Godney Backwell Home 105km 965m
    Sun 27th Home Backwell Burrington Coombe Priddy Godney Mark Congresbury Backwell Home 105km 847m
    Sun 24th Home-Backwell-Brockley Coombe-Chew Magna-Long Ashton-Clevedon-Portishead-Avonmouth-Bristol-Home 105km 990m
    Sat 7th BRCC Jim's Memorial RideHome-Backwell-Brockley Coombe-Chew Stoke-Pensford-Bitton-Wickwar-Thornbury-Hallen-Portway-Home 131km 1184m
    Weds 8th Home-Backwell-Burrington Coombe-Cheddar-Wedmore-AshtonWindmill-Webbington-Winscombe-Congresbury-Nailsea-Home 101km 961m
    Mon 4th Somerset Levels Rooks Bridge-Mark-Burrow Bridge-Langport-High Ham-Westhay- Mark-Rooks Bridge 105km 428m
    Sun 31st Mendips Home-Backwell-Brockley Coombe-Winford-Blagdon-Priddy-Westhay(Sweets)-Loxton-Congresbury-Backwell-Home 100km 1126m

  3. tallliman

    tallliman Über Member

    8th Jan: 101.8miles
    4th Feb: 65.3 miles
    18th Feb: 100 miles
    26th Feb: 66 miles
    4th March: 104 miles
    1st April: 103 miles
    16th April: 67 miles
    1st May: 62.6 miles
    6th May: 110.3 miles
    13th May: 62.4 miles
    29th May: 62.3 miles
    10th June: 125miles
    1st July: 110 miles
    8th July: 62.5miles
    12th July: 62.4 miles
    18th July: 66.4 miles
    23rd July: 64.2 miles
    13th August: 69.5 miles
    24th August: 70 miles
    10th September: 63 miles
    16th September: 66 miles
    24th September 72 miles
    14th October 102.3 miles
    21st October 63.7 miles
    29th October 62.3 miles
    11th November 108 miles
    18th November 68 miles
    25th November 62.5 miles
    2nd December 112.7 miles
    24th December 64 miles
    30th December 62.3 miles

    32 points
  4. Sbudge

    Sbudge Cyclist

    8th January, 101.7km ( - Drizzle, more drizzle and rain ...but good company!
    27th January, 110.8km ( - Mainly mud! Exploring National Cycle Network South of London
    18th February, 107.8km ( - Mainly hills. Chiltern rollercoaster, training for Bealach Mor begins!
    12th March, 100.9km ( - Rain, hills, jetlag and more rain...did I say it rained?
    17th April, 100.6km ( - Finally back on the bike and back in the Chilterns.
    22nd April, 143.4km ( - Ridgeway Rouleur Sportive...not as flat as they promised!
    6th May, 107.1km ( - May Meander, Dunsmore/Kop/Wigans/Dudley/Britwell/Watlington hills
    10th June, 104.6km ( - Nightrider London 2017, 5 hours of traffic lights! :-)
    1st July, 102.3km ( - Wendover via Whiteleaf & Smalldean to Ivinghoe and back
    9th July, 107.1km ( - Wendover, Stewkley, Akeley, Quainton, Stone, Wendover - warm and flat(ish)
    22nd July, 139.0km ( - Redbourn Road Rider Sportive...just as lumpy as promised
    30th July, 104.9km ( - Gravel route...Wendover/Watford/Harpenden/Wendover
    6th August, 106.4km ( - More Chilterns - Wendover down to Turville, great cake at 'The Barn'
    13th August, 100.4km ( - Flat/Hills/Flat(ish) - Wendover, Wycombe, Mentmore, Wendover
    28th August, 101.8km ( - Jetlag recovery ride - Wendover down to Hambleden (and back)
    17th September, 102.5km ( - Gravel to Greenwich - Country/City loop
    23rd September, 109.5km ( - Down to Dartford - River ride on the Slate
    22nd October, 109.2km ( - Windy and wobbly way to the Thames - Finally getting over the Labyrinthitis
    5th November, 101.0km ( - Windy valley ways - Out towards Bicester, hours of headwinds!
    17th December, 101.6km ( - Cold and extremely wet - Down to Henley and back
    22nd December, 102.1km ( - Tenerife, South to North
    28th December, 120.4km ( - Tenerife North to South
    31st December, 113.4km ( - A bit (!!!) of a climb to end the year in style/pain
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