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Well... that's what the tag line is but i've noticed a distinct lack of "man" in the Gillette adverts recently. So, not being able to sleep last night at 2am, i was feeling a little bored and mischeivous and decided to send the following email to Gillette.

"Dear Gillette people.

Please can we have some "real" men back in the Gillette advert. I mean, i do understand that you might want to target a younger audience... but how old is your latest offering?? 16??? Is he even old enough to shave??? Trust me, thousands of women across the country right now are feeling very disappointed".

ps. if you need someone on the judging panel, i'm ya girl :smile:"

LMAO.. i got this reply from Gillette...

"Thanks for contacting us here at Gillette. We rely heavily on consumer comments regarding our advertisements, and feedback like yours will help us decide how to approach future advertising efforts. Please be assured I'm letting our marketing team know how you feel about the age of our actors.
Thanks again for writing.
The Gillette Team"

so i've pinged back and said "thanks for replying. my friends would like to order bicep and six pack. please also tell your marketing team the clue is in the tag line... the best a MAN can get. Thanks."

heehee are they taking me seriously lol? hope so.
:biggrin: Well done Buggi sometimes I think the advertizing people just don't think about the side effects of their ad's. And it's no use me applying to fill the post as I am slightly overweight, have a beard and I am fifty so failed on all counts:sad:.
P.S. I am a man though if that counts.


What about real men with spindly arms and grey hair? :biggrin:

They could use footage of me shaving my least they look okay :wacko:

edit - I actually wrote "At least they look oaky" not sure if I should have left it :biggrin:
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