The Dangers of Cycling


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lol very good
Reminds me of when my brother-in-law and me rode the Ronde de Picardy sportive a few years ago. We were in a group of about 20 male riders, mostly French and Belgiums, and one, gorgeous Frenchwoman.

The fight for her back wheel, especially when we came to a set of small hills meant all etiquette/safety rules went out the window :?:

Happy memories.
Very good :?: . Even without sound (no speakers at work).
Yep it was from Oz and shown here on Channel 4 late Saturday night. I seem to recall it was quite funny and his friend wore one of those hats with a propeller on the top.


Cycling in Scotland
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That was Paul Hogan before he became Crocodile Dundee... Couldn't tell you who the lassie in yellow was, but I wouldn't mind finding out :eek:
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