The Floppies’ tour of the East Anglia coast

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Mr. & Mrs Floppy are two old Dahon Speeds, adapted for touring, that take Mrs B and I on various adventures.

Various family obligations and national vacations coincided and we found ourselves returning to the UK for 10 days at the beginning of May this year. When Mrs. B suggested that we spend five days exploring her old holiday destinations along the East Anglian coast, I jumped at the opportunity to propose a short bicycle tour. With multiple rail journeys, the Floppy’s were pressed into service.

I am pleased (and a little embarrassed) to report that:
a) the bicycles held up better than our legs (but we did ride 360km)
b) very embarrassed to admit that I still can’t navigate, even with RideWithGPS AND combined,
c) East Anglia is truely delightful and easy cycling, but
d) accomodation in the UK is #@&!ed expensive - whatever happened to the good old, affordable, B&B ?

If people are interested, I can add a few more posts with pictures and more details of the ride.


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Yes please! More info and pics please.


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I like your luggage solutions. I have a similar Dahon which has been really useful over the years for train and work trips but carrying stuff is tricky with heel rub at the back and a floppy steering post. I’ve done up to 20 mile rides but am impressed you’ve done a full tour!
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