The Great Tour - Circumnavigate the coast by Bicycle


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On 3rd July 2010 an intrepid band of cyclists drawn from the worlds of sport, celebrity, charity, politics, science and the arts will gather in Seaton, Devon, to embark on one the Britain’s last great sporting challenges – to circumnavigate the coast by bicycle.

Keeping the sea to their right for 64 days the riders will never lose the sight, smell or sound of the sea during their epic 6600km pedal for charity.

The ride will be hosted by well known athletes who will be joined by a wide variety of guests and charity riders to create a colourful and inspirational sporting celebration of the British coastline.

This will be the inaugural Great Tour, which will become an annual charity bike ride.

Get involved by Joining the Facebook page.

Or go to the website to support the cause.

Here is a map of the route being taken. This is also on the website.




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Good luck with the tour. I have been doing this myself, it must be a mid life crisis thing, and I have enjoyed it, albeit having to do it in sections so my wife doesn't think I've left her.

I did the Dover to Lowestoft section last week and I should warn you that the Burnham ferry is almost never running, and the Harwich to Felixstowe ferry had broken down without much hope of restarting soon according to a local salt. Luckily I bumped into a cyclist with a dinghy at Burnham who took me across, and some mad divers in Harwich who, after a hair raising ride at very fast speeds, threw me and my bike into the sea 100yards from my campsite at Felixtowe.

The moral is: Just because the OS map says there is a ferry, and just because there are many signs telling you the way to a ferry, doesn't mean there is actually a ferry :-)


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Thanks for the advice, sounds like your hving fun then, ill let you know how everyone gets on. Should be fun!


That's a ride I first thought about doing 29 years ago, but never got around to it, now it's very unlikely that I ever will. At the time I don't think anyone else had done it. It's one of my great regrets in life.

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