the high speed nurdling rock revival starts here!


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those of you who missed the all-too-brief pomp-rock revival will not want to miss out on the rebirth of high speed nurdling. I'll explain........

high speed nurdling predates pomp-rock by about three weeks. It's predicated on the notion that more notes= virtuoisity. It's not enough to play a guitar tunefully - it must be played extremely quickly. Some people blame Eric Clapton, but, as it goes, Slowcoach was, well, just that. Truly high speed nurdling involves notes played at such a speed that your eardrums demand a week off in Paignton. High notes are at a premium, and ever higher notes are at an ever higher premium. Go high and fast enough and spiritual transcendence is achieved - but, hopefully, in the privacy of your own room.

Here's the daddy of high speed nurdling rock. The vastly popular (check those views) Mahavishnu Orchestra.


Love the white suits, boys!


^_^ Blimmin' eck - I've got that album. The piccy on the back is even better.

It's not really an echt Mahavishnu Orchestra gig though. This is a bit more representative I'd say..

Worth the entry fee for Billy Cobham alone.


pre-talced and mighty
not really.......thrash has a bit of form about it. Nurdling on and on, ramping upward and upward and upward and.....

nice link, DP. Nurdling of a violinic nature.....


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Bit of a slow starter but bear with it, 10 minutes of brilliance.



It's a bit more complicated than that...
As usual the Elizabethans did it better. Top quality nurdling here from John Dowland.

And it reveals Dellzeqq's secret second life - he's a hot-fingered plucker when he's not a hot-legged pedaller.
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