The incompetence and indignance of drivers..but it's never THEIR fault

This thread on another forum gave me a good laugh..once I'd got over the incredulity of out of control bollards seemingly smashing up cars around the country.

It would seem that this bollard, despite being on the pavement, loves to leap out in front of cars, and I am guessing it tiptoes up to parked cars to give them a sneaky tap to the bumper too.

And you guessed's the bollard's fault that people drive into it!
What a load of bollards! :blush:


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I thought this was a great post:-

Thanks for your responses

I believe that Reliable's post says a lot as that is pretty much how it happened with me. I should have been driving a Warrior like Reliable and not a saloon car.

If you have seen the bollard, you will see that it has been hit on a number of occasions and from the look of the bollard others have had a greater impact.

People don't deliberately drive their cars into bollards.

If someone places a bollard anywhere and someone else hits it. You should not necessarily look to the driver. Maybe the bollard should not have been placed there in the first place. Maybe a little bit of thought and planning would have proven to be a better option.

As Reliable says the turn into Chesterfield road is narrow and you should pay even more attention at this junction. However, no one can account for a situations and as a result some people have damaged their vehicles, which is a shame.

Who invented this kind of parking bay anyway? With little islands at the end of them with bollards on the bit that sticks out into the road. Couldn't they see what would happen?

I can see that they have tried to steer drivers travelling out of the city on Chesterfield road to the left hand side to the road by painting chevrons on the road. So I guess they did know what happens at that junction and have tried to reduced the number of times it happens.

Thanks again for your replies.



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User3143 said:
He's got a point. .

No they have not, the bollard is on the pavement

Poor trolling Lee :blush: , we have come to expect better from you


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And to make it worse some have said they have nearly hit it when turning left from Holmhirst road wtf


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If you're too incompetent to avoid going on the pavement and then hit a bollard, I think serious consideration ought to be given to taking your licence away.


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BentMikey said:
When you look at the street view, it's hard to say he has a point. There is easily enough space to make your turn in the road safely, if you position your vehicle to close the kerb before turning left then thats your own fault.


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Always a tricky one. My big sister popped over to ours last night, and rather than drive 200m to the cul-de-sac's turning circle, she embarked on what must have been a 7 point turn. Even managed to bookmark one of the attempts with a lamp post and opposite kerb.


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Wow, there's actually some sensible drivers on that thread.
They must be cyclists too!
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