The King of Sarnies

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by rich p, 25 Oct 2007.

  1. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    Mature cheddar and red onion in fresh granary bread.

    Go on, beat that if you can!!!!
  2. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    -Roast Beef and Horseradish
    -Roquefort and Rocket
    -Horseradish and Mustard
    -Mature Cheddar Cheese and Pickle
    -Sausage and English Mustard
    -Thick sliced Ham and English Mustard
  3. col

    col Veteran

    Hazlet and peas pud,in fresh baked uncut bread,with real butter.
  4. bonj2

    bonj2 Guest

    got to involve meat really.
    i quite like a good sausage, cheese, rocket and jalapeno.
  5. Houmus, raw carrot, raw pepper, coriander, and a bit of onion on a warm wholemeal roll...mmmmm...

    Best bought sarnies are from the Grisedale Forest cafe - cumberland sausage and onion marmelade with some token salad.
  6. bonj2

    bonj2 Guest

    What about a nice potato, pasta, rice, chips and suet on brown :evil:
  7. bonj2

    bonj2 Guest

    the one thing I cannot bloody stand in sandwiches is lettuce. It's like stringy damp clingfilm.
    If people were meant to eat lettuce they would have been born as rabbits.
  8. walker

    walker New Member

    Bromley, Kent
    fried egg and Bacon with brown sauce
  9. Smeggers

    Smeggers New Member

    you're make me hungry you bar stewards.

    Fish Fingers, White Bread with butter innit. None of that ketchup shite though.
  10. Marmite and mayonnaise. Possibly with tabasco sauce.
  11. TVC

    TVC Guest

    Bacon obviously, it's what white bread was made for. Personally I go for tomato ketchup, but I understand if you're one of those who prefer brown sauce and enjoy touching yourself in public.
  12. graham56

    graham56 Guru

    Mixed grill stottie ( bacon, sauasage, black pud, fried egg, mushrooms and tomato )
  13. KitsuneAndy

    KitsuneAndy New Member

    Oooh, hungry now.

    Can't get Stotties down here, or decent black pud :evil:

    I'm a Northumbrian originally and miss my stotties!
  14. graham56

    graham56 Guru

    Well how about a nice saveloy and pease pudding stottie
  15. KitsuneAndy

    KitsuneAndy New Member

    Please, stick one in the post :evil:
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