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I have a confession to make. 2 gorgeous days of :sun:and all i've done is sat around my friend's lake watching Terns dive for fish, blue dragonflies making :ohmy: , giant ghost carp leaping out the water, and laughing at my ferret Bosley getting wet. Very obviously, from the look of his face when he half fell in, he was thinking "Halp, I is in too deep, I is not a frog!!!" :biggrin: LOL he was so funny, he looks so skinny with his fur wet and big black eyes. Wish I'd had a camera. (of course, his mommy had him safe and sound on a harness)

Does this make me a bad cyclist???


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Sounds wonderful


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No...I did something similar - went camping with friends, the most exercise we did was raising beer cans to our mouths..... oh and being dragged round Gullivers World in Matlock by the kids. There were 7 families camping - wonderful....two cyclists (neither of us had bikes with us.....)...
I only did 82 miles on Saturday got to my nephew's gala and spent the rest of the day basking in the Sun :biggrin:. My other nephew had his first communion today so between that and the weather (:blush:) today has been a bit of a wash out.
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