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After experiencing an exceptional and highly reccomended jaunt across London with fellow Cycle Chat members, I am left with one thought which continues to trouble me.
What worries me I hear you ask..... Was it explaining to SWMBO how I joyfully placed by lips round a slag at look mum no hands? - Alas no. (although that was a delicate moment)
The thing which plays on my mind, is the cap... not the valve cap, not the stem cap.... no not just any cap.... but the friends of norm cycling cap !!!!

So the questions continue to rattle round by head, are as follows.
  1. how many friends does norm have?
  2. do they all have caps?
  3. how many friends of norm cycling caps exist?
  4. how do you get to meet a cycling legend who has his own clothing line?
  5. what other norm products are out there?
What is the history of the norm caps, please feel free to provide any interesting norm type facts im not aware off at this time ^_^



Three, I think. Mine can't say it, as that would be a little odd
Offer coffee
Whatever you want to have it put on

Mr Paul was the initiator, it's all been written on CC in the past.:becool:


Ironically, I haven't met MrP although he was the first with the theme.

My caps, and my ID bracelet, say 'A break from the Norm'.
He can spell better than you can :excl:


Here for rides.
[QUOTE 2008824, member: 45"]Anyone who's anyone in cycling wears one of these.

So at the moment that's only two of us who are anyone. The rest of you have some catching up to do....[/quote]
My walz cap (on order) says "I'd rather be Mountain Biking"
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