The Mickle method officially sanctioned!


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I'm sure Mickle will be as chuffed as little teacakes about this.

At least until he sues the company for copyright infringement!

I can recommend two firms who will get the money:-
Zue, Grabbit and Rhunne, a London firm, or:-
Hadaway and Shytte, a Tyneside firm.


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Dont pick that up instead of your coffee 🍵😊
You may be joking, but ...

I remember a sportive a few years back where each rider was handed a bag of goodies after the finish line. There was a medal, a certificate, an energy bar, a bottle of water and ... a tube of bike lube which looked remarkably like a gel!!! :eek: Several riders needed medical treatment after knocking back the lube!


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I thought the Mickle method finished with a wipe? Am I doing it wrong?


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Firstly, 'apply generously' is not the way. Secondly, does it clean or lube or clean and lube or clean or lube and clean and lube?
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