The new sign was fitted today


The sign went up today, and about time to!

The sign was supplied to me free of charge, at the expense of Norwich City Council and NELM; the Enterprise trust that is supporting Cargo Cycles. No doubt because of the City Council's involvement it has taken these 3 long months to come to fruition.

However, because I was involved it didn't exactly go according to plan. :laugh:
The Muppet's from the sign company managed to put it on the unoccupied unit number 31 Ivy Road ;) Cargo Cycles is at number 45 Ivy Road. If hadn't nipped outside with a mug of tea to have a roll up they would have finished the installation and cleared off. Fortunately I caught them just in time, and so the sign was moved from No 31, and put up in it's rightful right position.

I managed to remember to get the camera out, but not before the sign fitters had removed the sign from no 31 (look at the door):


Being fitted in the correct position:


A quick final polish:


Job done:




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Why does a fairly new looking building have wheelbenders?


marinyork said:
Why does a fairly new looking building have wheelbenders?
Probably the developers cutting costs when they built the place.

My unit is the centre one of five, at either end of the units are covered Stainless Steel "Sheffield Stands" with a capacity for 20+ bikes in each. The 4 double wheel benders for two of the units have to be used because the covered parking is often packed.

Me? .... ... ... I just park my bicycle inside the unit.


g00se said:
Nice one. Is it a warehouse there or can customers walk in?
By appointment only: 01603 622954

The reason being; that I am a manufacturer building to order, and there is often angle grinders and welders, etc. in use ... .... .... so it is a safety aspect that visitors at least ring me first. Having said that, I don't need much of an excuse to take a break, down tools, and put the kettle on for a cuppa ;)


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I think the website needs a bit more work

how much is the blue one?
Why do I feel the urge to buy one of those, despite never seeing the back end of a husky nor having any interest at all in husky racing?
Ditto :blush:

I have seen someone using a similiar one in Sherwood forest with 4 Huskies, they went screaming past at quite a pace, looked brilliant fun.
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